Health Tips — Eat more Protein

February 13, 2014

So you are planning to lose some weight and you are searching online to find some tips that will help do that in a quick healthy way. That’s actually a great idea because there is a lot of information on the online world about rapid weight-loss. Some work pretty well and some not so well. […]

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Matthew McConaughey gets weight loss advice from Tom Hanks

October 19, 2013

Matthew McConaughey turned to Tom Hanks for drastic weight loss advice after he signed on to play an AIDS victim in new film “The Dallas Buyers Club.” The double Oscar winner shed the pounds for roles in “Cast Away” and “Philadelphia,” in which he portrayed an AIDS victim, and McConaughey thought it would be a good idea […]

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Estrogen found to contribute to bigger waistlines in men

October 12, 2013

It is the scourge of many a middle-aged man: he starts getting a pot belly, using lighter weights at the gym and somehow just doesn’t have the sexual desire of his younger years. The obvious culprit is testosterone, since men gradually make less of the male sex hormone as years go by. But a surprising […]

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